How NiftyCrack Works

Create engaging content and earn from it.

In plain words: "We make people invest only $1 to answer a question. When their answer is voted top best, we pay them $0.30 multiplied by all the answers the question gets and we pay $0.20 for each answer to the person who posted the question."

Here is an example:
Say you answer a question and 5,000 other people (which by the way is so easy on nifty crack) answer the same question; and your answer is voted best answer, you instantly earn $1,500.00.
i.e: 0.30 x 5,000

Here is an example:
Say you ask a question and 5,000 people answer your question, you will instantly earn $1,000.00 for posting that question.
i.e: 0.20 x 5,000

Anything! Our goal is to Entertain, Educate, Inform . So feel free to post any content that can achieve any of this for you. Your goal is to get people to engage with your content.

It is free to post a question but to answer a question, each person must invest $1. It's like a way of saying, I bet $1 that my answer will be the best.

Absolute Yes!
The idea is not to get the smartest answer or question, but to keep people engaged and entertained. Your question must however be worthy to get people to answer. The easier the better, the smarter the better.

Every 30 days - Just like a salary
We give people the chance to answer a question so we put an income life span of 30 days to every question. Which means, after 30 days we lock the question for answer and clicks and, we pay out to the best answer on the 32nd day.

We've partnered with stripe.com to make sure everyone gets their payouts right on time. On your Nifty crack billing page, you can setup your payout account with Stripe and once you are credited the money will be in your bank account Stripe.com payout terms applies.

Did you know that you can also fast track your income?

Here is how: When you post a question or answer a question, you can share the link to your answer or question on social media and get everyone to vote or answer your question. We've added links on your question and answer page to help you quickly share your content on social media.


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